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playAway saved our program over $1000 at this tournament! By the time we did all the calculations to justify to our accounting department the rental expense, between not having to check our push carts and being able to rent smaller vehicles, we literally saved over $1000 for both of our teams to travel to this event.    -DIII Director of Golf

I love this.  What a concept. Traveling with these push carts is a pain. I'll definitely be offering this service as part of my home tournament entry fee.

-Division I Head Women's Golf Coach

Thank goodness for playAway! Every time we host a tournament, we are bombarded by boxes and boxes of push carts that we have to find a place for because teams are shipping them to us ahead of the event.  We are so excited there's now another option.

---Golf Course Pro Staff

We really enjoy your service and convenience.  Y'all are great to work with!

-Division I Assistant Women's Golf Coach

Reserving these push carts literally saved my program over $500 in travel expenses in just one tournament.  And the girls loved just jumping out of the van, loading their clubs on the cart and heading straight to the course.  More time for warm up!

-Division I Head Women's Golf Coach

This idea is definitely a game changer for my team.  It's terrible having to choose who got to take a cart and who didn't because we didn't have enough room for all of them.

-Division II Women's Head Coach

I learned very quickly what a fantastic thing this company was when we arrived at a tournament and TWO of our push carts had arrived damaged. They were on site and I was able to rent like new carts!  I'm not risking damage to our personal carts anymore.

-Division I Head Women's Golf Coach

So grateful for this service.  When we arrived at the airport for the tournament, the rental company was out of vans. We had to take two 4 passenger cars.  Had we not reserved push carts and had our own with us, it would have been a disaster. But we had no worries and ended up saving money on the rental vehicles.

-DivisionII Head Women's Coach

I had a fellow coach thank me profusely for having playAway at my home tournament.  SHe said it was the best part of the tournament because she absolutely dreads traveling with push carts!

-Division I Head Women's Golf Coach

There is no reason why we wouldn't use this service for all of our away tournaments.  It just makes sense.  I don't have to spend any more money than I already do and I don't  have to deal with the carts.

-Division III Head Men's Golf Coach

Brilliant.  I hate dealing with those carts when we travel.  But we need them, so this service is awesome.

-Division I Men's Head Coach

Our boys don't usually use push carts.  But after getting sunburned at the beach after round one of a tournament, some of them couldn't carry their bags the next day.  playAway was on-site and we were able to rent carts for the rest of the tournament.  We shaved strokes and the boys are now pro-push cart at all tournaments.

-Division III Head Men's Golf Coach

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