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As parents of two competitive golfers, traveling for junior golf tournaments has been a big part of our lives for more than 15 years.  Whether we traveled across the state by car or across the country by plane, it was always a hassle to pack and transport all the necessary gear.  And of course, a push cart IS necessary gear.  


Packing the car with luggage, golf clubs, AND a push cart for even one of our kids to play in a tournament was cumbersome. There was never enough room, and lugging all that gear around just made everyone grouchy. 

Traveling by plane wasn't much better.  Sure, we could check the push cart and pay extra baggage fees (on top of all the other travel expenses plus the tournament registration fees!) But what if it got lost? What if it got damaged? And what a hassle getting it through the airport. Even if it arrived safely, we had to rent a large enough vehicle to accommodate it.


We tried other options.  Why not ship it?  Well that's expensive too, and there's no guarantee it gets there...damage free.  And then there's the hassle of packing it up and finding a place to ship it back home.  Could we rent one at the course?  Maybe, but not likely.

Now that our son and daughter are both playing college golf, we've seen that players, and both women's AND men's coaches have the same issues traveling with push carts!  If the team flies, they add a huge expense to check the push carts. Getting to the airport, and through the airport to check the luggage, clubs and push carts is just as hectic.  And they have to have a vehicle big enough for everyone's gear at their destination. During the tournament,  they're packing and unpacking clubs and carts over and over creating an opportunity for injury plus a lot of wear and tear on their personal push cart.


College teams driving to tournaments have same hassles too.  Is everyone comfortable? Is being cramped in a van for a long road trip with a bunch of gear creating a positive tournament experience for everyone? 

There had to be a better way.  And we have it.

playAway provides high quality push carts for both collegiate and major junior tournaments around the country alleviating the hassle for parents, caddies, and coaches. Look through our website and learn more about playAway. 


We bring you a high quality push cart directly to the tournament. Leave your push cart at the added expense of traveling with it, save the wear and tear on your personal cart, save the worry and hassle, and enjoy the tournament.  Competitive golf is stressful enough.

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